logo-512x512AdRotate® is the popular choice to monetise your WordPress website. Get a running start and start earning in hours with the easy to set up and understand dashboards of AdRotate for WordPress. With the many features AdRotate has to offer you can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want. This makes AdRotate the perfect companion to increase your website revenue for newbies and advanced users alike.

Website admins around the world choose AdRotate for it’s great flexibility, scalability and superb features. Benefit from features like targeted ads, scheduling and statistics and start making money today!

People using AdRotate

I’ve substantially increased my ad revenue due to being able to use the adgroups in ways that allow me to target advertising to different sections of my site.

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Easy to use


AdRotate provides an easy to use dashboard, settings and lot’s of features to make the most of advertisement.

Geo Targeting


Target the right audience with MaxMind Geo Targeting Easy to set up, even easier to use and generally very accurate.

Schedule adverts


Maintain multiple schedules and advanced time tables for when adverts will show up. Plan your campaigns in advance.

Earn big for a low price

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One website
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All features
1 Activation
Multisite compatible
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€ 39
Two websites
One time purchase
All features
2 Activations
Multisite compatible
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€ 89
Up to five websites
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Up to 5 activations
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€ 199
Unlimited websites
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Unlimited activations
Network activate
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Advertiser Campaigns


Save time and have your advertisers manage their own adverts. When they’re done, all you have to do is review them.

Mobile Adverts


Show select adverts on popular mobile devices only and prevent desktop adverts from showing on mobile phones.



Easy to to interpret reports. Give your advertisers access to their own adverts so they can see how their adverts are doing.

Premium Support


Not one for queuing up in the forum? Email support will give you a faster, more personal way to get your questions answered.



Get notified when adverts expire, have errors or when advertisers create new adverts. Never miss an expiration date again.

And more…


Take a look at the AdRotate features for more information on how AdRotate can increase your advertising revenue.

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